To help his father, Ben moves back into the old neighborhood. Years ago he was a popular athlete in the local school, then a successful mid-level executive, father, husband. Now Ben is a loner, content to spend his free time in the “reality” of the internet.
Ben reluctantly snaps out of his seclusion when he tries to understand why an old friend and neighbor killed himself and realizes that this is no longer the same neighborhood he grew up in. It’s as if someone used resources of social media, internet and surveillance to strip away a layer of civilization, exposing a nightmare of conflicts and betrayals. When Ben is threatened by the same forces, he has to re-discover his own strengths to fight back against a shadow opponent.


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Readers’ Comments

“This is another winner! A double suicide and our hero, Ben, is pulled into a mystery that he works very hard to unravel. While the story deals with 4 high school football friends from a unique neighborhood, the manipulations of unknown forces create conflict, murder, and twists that keep the reader on edge. The use and misuse of social media disrupts a community and destroys lives. The romance is passionate and under stress. Revenge and greed contribute to the conflict. The author tells a story that holds our interest and also reveals dangerous media manipulation of our thoughts and attitudes. The outstanding writer of The Metronome, The Great Game and The Outer Circle, has woven an exciting story that also provides much food for thought.”  By Joyce Shulman, PhD

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