The Counterpoint Trilogy

the unintended prequel

The Metronome is the first book in The Counterpoint Trilogy but it was written after The Great Game. The Great Game ended on a “This is not the end” statement. It was intended philosophically but many readers took it as a promise of a sequel. So I set out to write one. Except that in a quirk of a writing process I ended up doing a prequel instead, trying to show how the seeds for The Great Game have been planted long before the actual events.

the book that started it

The Great Game is set in the near future, with the premise centered around ongoing struggle for supremacy between the US and the combined forces of China and Russia. While originally intended as a stand-alone book, it ended up in the middle of The Counterpoint Trilogy. It’s been interesting to watch growing awareness of some of the issues raised in the book, such as strengthening Sino-Russian alliance and corrosive impact of growing inequality.

conclusion of the journey

The Outer Circle is the last book in The Counterpoint trilogy. It brings together the characters of The Metronome and The Great Game to conclude their stories. The novel is set in 2024 and I tried to portray what the country and the world may look like then. The work is by no means dystopian, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future. But changes, they are coming …

three books in one volume

This edition combines the three books into one volume.

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